Liz + Lizzy Take You Through the Holiday Capsule Collection

Our holiday capsule collection is here! These are the gift ideas we collected all year long for ourselves, our family + friends and our kids. We thought we'd take you on a little tour of the collection–what inspired us + how we're going to use + gift these special pieces.

xoxo Liz + Lizzy

Doll Bedding

Liz: Louise is obsessed with American Girl. This is a far prettier doll bedding set than anything they offer (in my opinion!) and in a material I feel good about.

Lizzy: I love that this fits an IKEA doll bed perfectly. Our home hasn’t had the space for a doll bed (India uses the bedding on the floor + in strollers), so I can’t wait to move and she can make a full bed with this! 

Zip Pouch Set - Fig | Agave

Liz: Forever a favorite gift! I like to tuck in something sweet or a nice-smelling soap. 

Lizzy: Our last fig pouch sold out fast! This beautiful new colorway feels so crisp for winter and fresh for spring.

Kids Color-In Cards - Set of 6

Liz: I like to get the kids involved in the process of gift giving and thanking. These are equally useful for my nine year old (who can write a simple greeting or thank you message on the back), six year old (who loves practicing her writing) and three year old (who can color-in the drawing while we talk about who it’s going to).

Lizzy: I just sent something back to a friend with a torn off note saying Hi and india had colored the whole page. He responded that it was his favorite thing. It’s unavoidable that I have to write notes + thank yous for my kids at their ages, but having their mark on these adorable cards makes them so so much more meaningful.

Botanical Note Cards - Mixed Prints | Set of 6

Liz: Friends and family have been asking us to do stationery, and this time of year was a natural fit for its debut. The reverse side of each card describes the fruit or vegetable that’s shown and what it means to us, in its raw natural form and as a print in our line. 

Lizzy: These are some of our favorite prints and colors from our line. It is so much fun to see them on a different material and on a product of a different scale.


Patchwork Ornament - Pink

Liz: I’m giving this to my sister for her daughter’s First Christmas. 

Lizzy: I’m adding this to all little girl gifts this season. I tend to buy thoughtful but small things for young ones so it’s the perfect addition.   

Kids Patchwork Tote

Liz: This really speaks to my quilt-loving heart so much. 

Lizzy: India obsessively packs small totes that we made for an event a while back. This one feels x 1000 more special visually + with all the detail. I can’t wait to pack my nephews’ gifts in them. 

Zip Pouch Set - Pods | Denim

Liz: The debut of our new print, Pods! Subtle, beautiful. I’m in love with it in our deep navy, Denim.

Lizzy: Obsessed with this new print, and love having an option for more of the minimalist shopper / gift receiver. 

Patchwork Ornament - Blue

Liz: I love the heart shape as seasonal decor this time of year. It’s extra special in patchwork form!

Lizzy: I’m using this as a host gift--probably with some homemade treat or wine. I love that it’s so sweet on a tree, but also on a bedroom doorknob all year round. 


Thank You Cards - Set of 8

Liz: Having thank you notes on hand makes it ten times more likely that they’ll actually get written! Stock-piling these pretty ones. 

Lizzy: I am ALWAYS on the hunt for PACKS of thank you cards that I like. I’m so thrilled we have our own now! It was starting to feel like a wild goose chase.