Gift Guide for Baby

Lewis Gift Guide for Baby age 0-2

Baby gifts are as much for the parent as they are for the child, so our guide is geared towards beautiful things for baby that parents will love too. 
From top left:
Linen Fleece Lined Bonnet: There is nothing sweeter than a baby in a bonnet! Lizzy didn't take India's bonnet off for a day last winter. Briar Handmade has such beautiful colors and prints, plus the fleece will keep baby warm + looking like a cherub all winter long.
Rainbow Puzzle: This puzzle is so beautiful we might have it in our homes even without children, but the strong colors and stacking pieces are perfect to catch baby's eye + keep their attention pulling apart + stacking together over and over again. India certainly never tires of it.
Lewis Burp Cloth Set + Lewis Bunny: It's no secret that we are fully obsessed with our burp cloths. We each carry one at all times. Multipurpose + beautiful. Plus, Bunny fits perfectly in a little one's grip!
Jane Romper: We love children's clothing that feels like an heirloom piece. This is perfect with tights in winter, or without in spring. The dark color makes it more stain friendly, and the timelessness of it is perfect for handing down again and again. 
Lewis Radish Baby Quilt: We can't say enough how useful we find our own quilts! We use them as play mats, picnic and beach blankets. As a gift they feel so special since each one is unique. 
Walking Toy: Around age one it's so fun seeing baby learn to walk! These toys for them to grip help encourage the movement, and the wooden versions are so sweet to see anywhere in the house.
Stirring Xylophone with Hole: A hand-held xylophone that you "stir"! Genius. 
2 Pack Stripe Sock - Pink / Green and Brown / Red: Striped socks for babies, always. Liz has the pink + green pair for James.
Woven Baby Rattle: Beautiful, handmade. A sweet gift on it's own or paired with a set of our swaddles.
Activity Board Toy: Hard to resist a plastic toy when they look these streamlined. Also, these activity boards are great for fine motor skills and for holding baby's attention.  
Minois Cream: Liz cannot get enough of this cream. She squeezes too much on purpose just so she can steal some for herself. (Pair this with a set of burp cloths for an extra special gift.)