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Since my then fiance Josh and I moved in together we have been editing or replacing  our hodgepodge of furniture. We're still at it today ! I love our apartment. We have crazy high ceilings, exposed brick, and a working fireplace. We live on a brownstone block in Harlem + we're friends with all our neighbors. We feel like we take in a fresh breath of air when we get off the train uptown and chat with every person we pass.

As I worked on our bedroom I knew I wanted bright and calming : all neutrals with lots of white. We ended (in addition to a few things that aren't seen) with what you see above. First I had the walls painted in Farrow & Ball All White (Josh couldn't understand the difference between the yellow tinged walls and my choice, but that crispness is everything). The rest is woods, whites, some pops of black, a rug that can withstand abuse, and our two most sentimental pieces : the elk head my husband shot on the trip when we got engaged (romantic, no ?!), and a large basket we bought on our honeymoon in Laos. I could have come home with every basket in Luang Prabang. And then we found out we were pregnant with a baby girl ! In a one bedroom we weren't ready to leave...

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And so we began round two of bedroom edits. How to take a too serious adult bedroom and add a baby girl, while still feeling like it represents us and our style. We started by getting rid of two vintage tall dressers (not shown) for one low long one. We needed a changing surface, and this baby girl needed some dedicated storage. A Keekaroo for changing (I don't like the idea of added linens to wash when there are wipe down options), a sweet nightlight for feedings, and a Muuto basket (the best) to hide diapers and creams. We added a large round mirror over top, and a wire sculpture. Our Design Dua bassinet is perfect to carry room to room, with a rocker stand for the end of our bed. We can't wait to get Lewis sheets in there ! They'll have to be a hack until she's in a full size crib, but I can't resist. Along with the mirror I planned a gallery wall over the dresser for color and pattern stimulation. I sourced some more mature pieces, and then pieces that felt bright and easy. We're also replacing a black leather chair we have from Josh's father with a slip covered rocker. I love knowing it can be cleaned, and that at some point I can have a new slipcover made in any print or color

All in all, Im so happy with our bedroom for four (our 9 year old lab is in there too on his Pendleton dog bed !). It didnt seem so ideal at first, but we're lucky enough to have a large bedroom to make it work. I never would have chosen pinks and yellows for a room on its own, but given our base, their cheerfulness is just what the doctor ordered.

Now we just wait for baby girl Ott ! 4 weeks to go...