Easter Baby

In honor of Major's first Easter, we've rounded up a few favorite treats for the littles in your life.
xo, Liz + Lizzy

Clockwise from top left: 

Rainbow Boat Grasping Toy - One of our favorite all-natural wood toy companies. This little grasper / teether will go everywhere with you.  

Basket - our favorite bamboo find. Colorful + traditional, with a little twist.

Burp Cloth Set - We have approximately 87 reasons these are always at the top of our baby must-have list.

Kendall the Kale Chew Toy - We love this all-natural rubber toy company. Also, this is probably the only year the Easter Bunny could get away with kale in the Easter basket. 

Teal Wagon - We're huge fans of the beautiful brand of toy cars. The littlest size is perfect for the littlest car enthusiast. 

Bunny - Our very own stuffed bunny, modeled after a toy of Lizzy's that was a handmade gift from when she was a baby. His body is easy to hold, and his nose is easy to mouth.