Creative Projects to do over the Holidays

It's a looong holiday break, and while we're all for some fun fresh-air activities, inevitably, you'll need something to keep the kids busy inside. So we've rounded up a few craft ideas we're thinking about for our families this holiday break. Hope you find something inspiring here!

xoxo Liz + Lizzy

For Toddlers

- playdough + trinkets 
- a twist on the above: hide a little animal or trinket inside the playdough ball for your toddler to discover. (James' teachers do this at his school + it's so cute to see them reveal it.)
- "painting" animals with shaving cream + giving them a bath
- coloring or collaging pre-cut shapes using a limited color palette

For Little Kids

- Paint rigatoni pasta to make a necklace: We like a limited color palette. (Rolling the painted pasta to make prints is fun too, like Liz did above.)
- Perler Beads. There are some specific sets out there, but you can google images for reference if you like to have something to work from. We have one big tub of beads and let the kids make their own creations.
- Pipe cleaners + beads: hanging stars
- Toothpicks + mini marshmallow structures (a favorite activity in the Libre house)

For Bigger Kids

- Make your own essential oil spray. (We like the Sleepy Time Pillow mist recipe here, but you can find all sorts of simple recipes online.) You'll need the essential oils (which you can buy separately or as a set) and some spray bottles. 
- Wood pieces + a glue gun. (Inspired by our friend Jessie who's 8yr old son loved this project.)
- Duct tape, scissors, cardboard boxes: Let them go to town. This is pretty magical.