Baby Kimonos: What Are They and Why You Need Them

Newborn Kimono Set and matching Baby Blanket (exclusive to the Lewis Take Me Home Set) in Mini Radish | Bay Blue

Navigating the wardrobe of your newborn baby can present quite the new and unique challenge. As a parent, you want your baby to be comfortable at all times, especially since your little one is not yet fully able to regulate their body temperature. Sometimes newborn babies require extra layers of clothing to be comfortable. 

A great item to have in your baby’s wardrobe is a baby kimono because it can be worn alone in warmer temperatures or as a base layer on cooler days. Kimonos for babies are beneficial for other reasons too, making them a must-have staple in your baby’s closet. 

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What are baby kimonos?

Kimonos come in all sizes, but in this post we will be focusing on infant kimonos. There are kimonos for baby boys, kimonos for baby girls, and gender-neutral baby kimonos. You may have heard of a kimono before and are probably thinking about the robe-like wrap garments, originating from Japan. Kimonos for babies are inspired by these Japanese garments but look a bit different in appearance. However, an baby kimono differs as it’s made from different materials and will have designs and prints catering to parents’ and babies’ styles and needs. 

Infant kimonos are most often made with cotton, and our kimono set is made with 100% organic cotton, a super soft material that is perfect for keeping your precious newborn comfortable. As you will see when browsing our products, the kimono set includes a long-sleeve kimono top, footed pants, and a hat to keep your baby extra warm. Our baby kimono sets also comes in multiple styles and colors that we are sure you and your little one will love. 

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Why choose a baby kimono?

There are many reasons to choose a baby kimono. Kimonos for babies not only look extra cute when being worn, but they are also functional, especially for newborns. If you are already a parent, then you probably remember those first days or weeks when your new baby’s umbilical cord had not yet fully fallen off. You were advised to leave it alone, to avoid things from rubbing against it, and to let it fall off on its own. Infant kimonos are specifically great for avoiding this sensitive area since the snaps are on the side, which means less friction between the umbilical cord and your baby’s clothes. 

Another great aspect of the popular baby kimono is that you do not have to pull it over your newborn’s head, which is tricky in those early days! You can simply lay your newborn on the opened kimono and then snap up the sides. The side snaps also make tummy time more comfortable for your baby, as well as time spent on their back.  

A baby kimono is perfect for a newborn’s sensitivities, which is why we think our baby kimono sets make the perfect gift for any new baby’s wardrobe. Infant kimonos are so comfortable and sweet for newborns that they even make a great option for the all-important take-home outfit. We sell a special gift set called the Take me Home set which includes a kimono set to wear from hospitaltohome, The forgiving elastic waist in the footed pants would add additional comfort for your new baby’s first car ride home. 

Newborn Kimono Set in Alligator | Denim

Baby kimono styles
Now that you know why you need a newborn kimono outfit, let’s discuss newborn kimono styles. Kimonos for babies come in a variety of styles, but will typically include the wrap-style with side snaps or ties. You can find short-sleeve or long-sleeve kimono tops as well as kimono-style baby onesies. Usually, all styles of newborn kimonos are made with cotton, like our 100% cotton newborn kimonos, because it is one of the softest materials and is perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin. Our kimono sets are easy to wash, which makes for one less thing you have to worry about during those exhausting days with your new little one. 

Baby boy kimonos and baby girl kimonos are versatile, and can be worn as daywear, playwear, or pajamas. You can find infant kimonos in decorative styles, similar to traditional Japanese kimonos, or more casual styles that may allow easier movement for your newborn. With so many styles to choose from, you are sure to find what you are looking for. 

Newborn Kimono Set in Mini Radish | Agave, shown with swaddle blanket in Oyster | Agave

How to use a baby kimono 

When it comes to using kimonos for your baby, the way you style it may depend on the style of your infant kimono, as well as the temperature and time of day. You could pair kimono-style baby tops with shorts, pants, or footed pants, depending on the temperature. For newborns or colder temperatures, you may consider a long-sleeved kimono shirt with footed pants and a hat for naps or overnight, like our newborn kimono sets. Or you could pair our long-sleeve kimono shirt with another pair of matching pants for tummy time during the day. 

A kimono top or onesie would make a great option for a warm afternoon or playtime. Although kimonos are wrap-style, they are not bulky and can easily be layered upon when your newborn is going outside in the winter. Kimonos for babies are an easy and versatile style that new parents love.

Newborn Kimono Set and matching Baby Blanket (exclusive to the Lewis Take Me Home Set) in Mini Radish | Mauve 

How many kimonos will you need?

The number of kimono-style newborn tops, kimono newborn outfits, or kimono-style baby onesies you will need will mostly depend on personal preference. Now that you know of the different styles of kimonos, including tops, onesies, and sets, you may want to try them all to see what will work best for you and your baby. Having infant kimonos in a variety of colors and prints would keep dressing your newborn fun and fresh. 

Babies can go through several outfits in a day. If you find that you like the kimono style for your newborn, then having multiple kimono tops may be ideal. This way, you could have a new kimono-style baby shirt on hand if a mess happens. As a parent, you know that once you find a style of clothing that works for your newborn, then you will want to stick with it and have extras on hand. If you are wondering where to buy baby kimono shirts, you will love our adorable kimono sets for newborns and babies. Pair with a baby swaddle or two to make the perfect gift for the new parent in your life!