All About Organic Kids Pajamas

Pajamas are one of the most used and well-loved items you will keep in your child’s dresser. From day one, your little one will wear pajamas, and they will continue to use them throughout their entire childhood. It’s a good idea to keep multiple pajama sets on hand as little ones grow so quickly! With so many types and styles of pajamas available on the market, you may sometimes find yourself wondering what pajamas are best. 

There are several pajama clothing options out there, like organic kids’ pajamas, non-organic pajamas, pajamas with zippers, pajamas with buttons, two-piece pajamas, and more. We may be a little biased, but it does not get much better than organic cotton pajamas for babies, toddlers, and kids! If you're ready to find the best organic children's pajamas for your family, let's dive a little
deeper and break down the most important points to consider on
your search.

What are organic kids pajamas?

Children tend to have sensitive skin, which means it is important to dress them in clothes made from the best materials that are both comfortable and will not cause irritation. It’s easy to find cotton kids pjs, as most pajamas and other outfits for children are made out of cotton because it is breathable and soft. Using cotton that's 100% organic for pajamas can give you more reassurance that you are dressing your children in one of the best materials available for bedtime and beyond. Organic cotton is grown in a way that has a lower impact on the environment than non-organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, so it keeps both the farmers who grow it and the consumers safe. If you are ready for your little one to sleep in a safe, soft material, check out our collection of 100% organic cotton kids' pajamas, including pajamas for newborns to 10-year-olds. 

Why choose 100% organic cotton?

When it comes to the best kids pajamas, 100% organic cotton sets are an excellent choice. This is because our cotton line is made with the least harsh materials that are also extra soft and breathable, making them wearable year-round. Choosing organic children's pajamas means you are supporting the environment, sustainable farming, and even the water supply. You are making a positive impact when you buy organic cotton fabric children’s pajamas, on both the world and on your kids.

Styles of organic kids pajamas

There are numerous styles of organic kids jammies. You can find 100% cotton kid pajamas that are one-piece, two-piece sets, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, have pants or shorts, and have zippers or buttons. You might choose a couple of different styles of organic cotton pajamas for your children as they grow. For example, one-piece organic pjs that feature zippers are great for infants and toddlers, as these tend to be the easiest to put on and take off, which you will appreciate when multiple diaper changes are happening and in the middle of the night! Organic cotton kimono-style pajama tops with snaps on the side are great for newborns as the buttons are on the side, and they avoid the sensitive umbilical cord area. 2 piece pajama sets are great for older toddlers who are starting to dress themselves and older children who like to stay cozy at night. 

Organic children’s pajama sets also can be found in a wide variety of prints and colors. At Lewis, our patterns and quality designs are inspired by nature and are hand-drawn using loose lines, resulting in prints that both you and your little one will adore. We offer 2 piece children’s organic cotton fabric pajamas, including pajama sets, newborn kimono sets, and a take me home gift set that is perfect for coming home from the hospital. All of our children’s pj's are made with breathable, super-soft, 100% organic cotton.

Consider your child’s age

When choosing the best organic cotton pajamas for your little one, the age of your child is an important factor to consider. Different age groups of children often call for different styles of pajamas. For example, newborn babies will feel more comfortable in sleep gowns and baby footie sleepers as they cover their entire body and are easily accessible for diaper changes. For older children like walking toddlers, footless sleepers will fit their body size and activity level much more appropriately and even give them more wiggle room to grow.

As your children find their independence and want to dress themselves, 2 piece pajama sets are the best choice to teach children how to dress in a fun way, and to ensure they’re sleeping comfortably. These sets are also helpful for kiddos who are potty training or potty trained and need to take off their bottoms easily and on their own.

Finding the ideal style for your child

Just like age can determine the best organic cotton pajama option for your child, knowing what style clothing they prefer at any age can be a helpful way to make the best selection possible. With several different style choices available, your kiddo will surely find an organic cotton pajama set that feels cute, comfortable and great for a restful night of sleep.

These styles include:

Footie Baby Zip Pajamas
Footie baby zip pajamas are a popular style of pajamas for children and are often called “footie pajamas.” This cozy, adorable style of pjs covers the baby or toddler from their neckline to their feet, providing plenty of comfort and coverage. Footie baby zip pajamas have the benefit of covering the feet, but they can be slippery when walking. It’s also worth noting that footed sleepers won’t get as much wear as footless sleepers because the overall length is fixed, which can be frustrating to have to buy new pajamas more frequently.

Footless Baby Zip Pajamas
Footless baby zip pajamas are commonly referred to as jumpsuits, rompers or sleepers. While this style is a one-piece, these pj's resemble footie sleepers, sans the covering of their feet. This style of pajamas is ideal for quick diaper changes in the night, keeps little bodies extra warm, and without the feet, allows for more stability in early walkers and you’ll get just a little more wear out of them without the constraint of the feet on the bottom.

Two-piece Pajamas
Two-piece pj's are comprised of a pajama top and a pajama bottom. This style of pajama set is ideal for potty training or potty-trained toddlers who can easily pull down their bottoms and use the bathroom on their own. We design our pjs to be durable enough for play, so this 2 piece style is great for kids over 2 years old who will wear their pajamas while playing outside in the early morning or later evening. 

Final notes

To wrap things up, here are a few final notes to take with you as you search for the best kids’ pajamas:

  • Try more sustainable 100% organic cotton pajamas for sensitive skin, that feature more breathability, and supreme comfort.
  • Patterns are powerful and fun. Find pj's in a print that both you and your little one will enjoy.
  • The age of your child is often indicative of the style of pajamas they prefer.
  • There are countless styles of pajamas, ensuring there is a great fit for every kiddo.