Handwoven Rattles from Mexico City

Earlier this year, some friends and I went to visit our other friend in Mexico City, where she'd recently moved with her husband and three kids. Five moms, exploring this colorful city, through the eyes of our new local. It was the trip of a lifetime, and I'm dying to go back.

A highlight of the trip was walking through the incredible markets of handmade goods: textiles, baskets, ceramics, wooden figures, toys. It was almost overwhelming for us - this group of designers, art directors and stylists. We were each drawn to similar things (stuffed wool animals came home for all our kids) and then each of us was particularly attracted to something different: a teeny tiny wooden sculpture, a blanket, enamelware, and for me - among other things - these handwoven rattles. They have bottle caps inside which give them a fun and unfamiliar tin-y sound when you shake them. I brought home a handful for expectant friends and am excited to save one for our baby - due two weeks from today!

- Liz

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