Seasonal Gift Set
Holiday 2018

$ 58

A few of our personal favorite all-natural Brooklyn-based products, tucked into a limited edition zip pouch along with an eye mask and wishes for some good sleep. 

What's inside:

  • The Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil by Palermo Body includes Lavender, Blue Yarrow and Cypress. We dab this on and use as perfume. It smells amazing + feels instantly calming. A reminder to take a big deep breath.
  • Hydrating Facial Toner by Palermo Body has Rosewater + Chamomile with Aloe + Witch Hazel. A spritz of this in the morning + a night has become our daily reset-button ritual. 
  • The Lavender Mint Lip Balm by Soapwalla is in our pocket for easy access all day. It's a calming + fresh combo of herbs that's become our hydrating lip go-to. 
  • Limited edition zip pouch with waterproof liner, in Fig | Spruce.
  • 100% organic muslin eye mask in Mini Radish | Spruce.
We are so excited to offer you this limited edition zip pouch filled with a few things that we'd personally love to receive and things that would make our recipient feel good. We hope you + your gift recipients love this self-care gift set as much as we do!
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