India Dress
Harbor Seal | Sky

$ 28 $ 54
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Year-round weight
  • Fits true to size; Split sizes for growing into

  • India is the perfect play dress for spring. Made from our super soft organic cotton in the perfect year-round weight, this dress will hold up on the playground and feel amazing skipping down the sidewalk.

    Our Harbor Seal print was inspired by a real life encounter. While on the coast of New Jersey, Liz's family was visited by a seal that came onto the beach to warm up. The blubbery body and sweet face captured the hearts of Liz + her family and a perfect print on little bodies running around.

    Model Fit Notes
    India is 4.5 years old. She is just starting to fit into size 5T, and some are still big! This dress is a 5 / 6Y. She has plenty of room to grow and will be wearing it for years! She can also fit into the 3/4T but is getting to be on the smaller side for her.
      Size Age Overall Length
      2T 2 yr 20"
      3/4T 3-4 yr 23.25"
      5/6Y 5-6 yr 25.25"
      7/8Y 7-8 yr 27.25"
      10Y 9-10 yr 29.25"

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